"Kick Like a Girl is a beautiful film, with an inspirational message"
Davis Guggenheim, Academy Award Winning Director

"A story like Kick Like A Girl can only open doors for other young people. Title IX has done so much but we are still fighting battles just to get girls the same opportunities on the playing fields. Kick Like a Girl shows that when girls that are given an opportunity to play, they feel better about themselves, and believe they can do anything. Isn't that what we want for children, to be able to dream and believe they can be anything they want if only given the chance?"
Kristine Lilly, Captain US World Cup Soccer Team



"The documentary 'Kick Like a Girl' is one of the most entertaining short films I've seen ... It ought to be required watching for anyone involved in youth soccer, especially parents"
Lya Wodraska, The Salt Lake Tribune (2/9/08)

Moviemaking mom goes for the goal in "Kick Like a Girl" (click to visit)
Julie Checkoway, Salt Lake Tribune (02/18/08)

"Girls get a Kick Out of film success, documentary shows their prowess at defeating boys." (click to visit)
Lucinda Dillon Kinkead, The Deseret News (2/28/08)

Conversation on "Kick Like a Girl"
RadioWest NPR (2/25/08)

ABC News Now (click to view- video on the right side column)
Kristi Berner, Alexa Posniak Producers (3/4/08 11 a.m. EST)

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